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Niels Billiauw

Hello, I'm Niels.


Always ready  to
help you with any kind of question
and happy to sell you
one of our beers


Evert Schraepen

Hello, I'm Evert, driven by flavour. 


Fermenting and beer brewing take time in order to create a final balanced product full of flavour.


We blend different sorts of ferments to obtain the right layering.

We, the founders of Ferm beer brews, are passionate creators of special beers. Not your average beers but beers with extreme ingredients and total refinement. Our goal is to let you discover new flavors and we can do so by using very rare processes.


The existential pleasure of drinking one of our beers will convince you of our motivation to create depth of flavor, extraordinary mouthfeel  and sublime refinement.


We are mainly focused on FERMentations.


Fermentation is life! 

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